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Sweet Rind

Sweet Rind

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- It's real for many people -

This short film, to be expanded into a feature film, highlights the effects of scamming from the perspective of a relative of a victim who lost everything.  "I like the story because [Elsie] reaches beyond the convenient scripture of forgiveness and holds the killer to account through the prism of Jamaica’s colonial history." -JR Roache, writer

Sweet Rind aims to entertain, educate and initiate strong social dialogue and introspection that will be relevant in perpetuity. It is meant to be thought-provoking enough to encourage repeat viewing and the partakers should walk away with a deeper understanding and uncover deeper meaning with each view.

"[Riveting] questions became the starting point of my internal dialogue and now I want the broader dialogue to emerge from this in hope of effecting the social change needed to restore calm to an acidic space." -Roache


"Every dog have him day an' every puss him 4 o' clock"

[Everyone, even someone of low social status, has a moment of glory or an opportunity for revenge.]

-Jamaican Proverb


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