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A tactically elite ELSIE uses her father’s unfinished church basement to hold ALGIE, the mastermind of a notorious SCAMMING operation, captive in Kingston, Jamaica. ALGIE executed her sister, PAM, and family, after she foiled his attempt to extort their father, PASTOR GOLDBURN.

ELSIE emigrated and applied for her father after their mother had passed. PASTOR GOLDBURN started showing signs of dementia while quietly grieving the loss. PAM remained in JAMAICA to run the church their father built.

Using MAROON combat tactics, ELSIE captures ALGIE on the return trip for the funerals. She administers heavy-handed punishment, juxtaposed with lessons in Jamaican History while she sews a quilt.

She struggles with the notion of forgiveness. Ending his life seems easier. Furthermore, justice may not be served to her satisfaction by the penal system.

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