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Sweet Rind is the result of a lot of hard work by a group of talented professionals. The cast and crew were dedicated to creating something exceptional and original, and brought their variety of backgrounds and experiences together to deliver an outstanding production. Learn more about the team below.



Lead Actress

With a jam packed career spanning acting, producing, entrepreneurship and lecturing at both New York Film Academy and the Edna Manley College of Visual & Performing Arts our "Elsie" is both beauty and brains. Currently, she is the VP of Women in Film & TV Ja, the CEO/owner of Yaad Bridge Entertainment and, yes, a super mom!

#ElsieTheAdventurer is a strong-willed, confident, afrocentric, Jamaican-American school teacher. She has a dry sense of humor and deep love for her native home, JAMAICA. She is a natural leader who detests limits, including those of the church and is willing to put everything on the line for her causes.  She has the tenacity and bravado to lead a just revolution.


Lead Actor

Our antagonist is played by this star who also snatched roles in award winning films, "Ghett'A Life", "Destiny", "Home Again" and "Sprinter" (now streaming on Netflix), and the TV series “Kingston House”.

Classically, a theatre actor, he has produced award-winning performances on the Pantomime stage in “Pirate Jack” and other theatre productions. While he’s been slaying on the acting scene, he’s also launching his music career as Kenzic.

#AlgieSupreme is the cunning, charismatic and persuasive leader of a notorious scamming ring, a renegade narcissist with a fragile balloon ego, whose life mission is to prove the world wrong. He is defiant and commands respect through fear. He hates to be double-crossed and takes great pleasure in administering pain to those who try to.




One of Jamaica's most decorated actors displayed superb form on set of Sweet Rind, juggling the role of Production Coordinator and bringing life and wit to our character, Aquu. Kevoy has done some writing of his own and has been exercising his production muscles in tandem. He is now establishing himself in Ghana and has great expectations for a promising career.


Slave Master

While maintaining his presence on stage and the silver screens, Menou keeps a full plate. His career saw him serving as quizmaster on Jamaica's Schools’ Challenge Quiz, handling broadcast duties for Power 106 FM and teaching Voice and Speech in the classroom at the Edna Manley College.

In his own words, "the evil colonial role [is] more fun to play" so he fit right into this role of our slave master.

Quiz Jean-Paul Here



Combine creativity, storytelling, and business acumen and you have Andre Wynter. He has led an impressive career as a filmmaker and CEO in his twelve years working in the film and television industry.


Director of Photography

Chris is an all-rounder in the film industry, functioning as cinematographer, director, writer, editor, producer and cameraman who has worked on some of Jamaica's major hit movies from as far back as 1972. Movie titles like “The Harder They Come”, “Ghett’A Life”, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and “Third World Cop” are just some of Browne's credited work.



1st Assistant Camera

With an illustrious filmmaking career, Jahsen is a multi-talent who has served as cinematographer, assistant director and in the camera and electrical departments. This filmmaker has several hits under his belt: “I Am Bolt” (as 3rd Asst Director), “Ghett’A Life”, “Knight and Day” with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, “A Perfect Getaway” and “Ian Fleming: Bondmaker” are just a few titles he has brought to life. He did some superb work with Sweet Rind alongside Delroy Johnson.


Marketing Director/Costume Designer

Ava Maria is a fashion designer from a line of family members who created clothes. She took on the task of creating original pieces for the main character, Elsie, and selecting wardrobe pieces for the remaining cast. She has done modelling and won the Miss Jamaica World Cornwall title in 2012. She has also briefly appeared in the film as the wife of Algie.

In the aftermath of filming, she started spinning the hat of marketing director, landing spots in different Jamaican media outlets, covering the film's success.



Casting Director

As casting director, Suzanne drew in the biggest names in acting in Jamaica, some of whom are under her tutelage. She also managed to reel in Andre Wynter for the double task of director and producer.



With certification in production and video editing,  after putting in over 10 years of work on the post production landscape in Jamaica, this young entrepreneur was ripe for the picking. While stamping his creativity on numerous TV shows, music videos (including Switch It Up - Protoje x Koffee) and other films, he etches out time for playing tennis, watch researching, enjoying the occasional Formula 1 race and staying up-to-date with all things Arsenal.

Twain is our editor, colorist and post production supervisor.



Art Director

This crew member brought her delightful personality and creative mindset with her every day, helping to set the collaborative tone throughout the duration of the project.

She has worked with the likes of Damian "Jr Gong" Marley, Chronixx and Bounty Killer and Beenie Man for their Versuz Battle set. Even Queen Bey utilised this genius when she flew in for her Jamaican Music video shoot. Our art director also worked on movie scenes shot in Jamaica for "Yardie", "No Time To Die" and "Top Boy". Yet, Rachelle remains totally grounded while still being the life of the party!


Sound Designer

We pulled on the power of Jamaica's best and brightest for this production. This savant is a music producer, performer, composer, music teacher and a music tech lecturer at the Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts. He wields a Bachelor’s in Jazz Drumming and scored beautifully on Sweet Rind.



Makeup Artist

Michelle comes highly decorated, working with artistes like Koffee, Lila Ike, DJ Khaled, Shenseea and Tyga and several other heavyweights in the wider entertainment industry. Her talents for makeup artistry and hairstyling are unquestionable; the healthy resume she flaunts proves it.

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