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ZANDRIA (30) finds herself on the streets working as an exotic dancer for a hustler, BAD TONY (35). She is watched over by JB (65), a war veteran whom her father had saved during the Vietnam War. She lost her children to the state at the decision of JUDGE FRANSISCO JEROME ALEXANDER DEBEAUX, a 60 year-old bachelor who is cold, detached and lives in an ideal black and white world.

JB and Zandria craft a plan to deliver plea letter to the Judge to grant her visitation rights for Christmas, after which she would escape Bad Tony’s control, go west and establish herself for the return of her children. They will use his vices - food and erotica.

Zandria fulfills her mission to get the Judge’s attention while dancing inconspicuously under the watchful eyes of Bad Tony at a high-end restaurant. The plan fell apart when the waiter carrying the note tripped while carry a tray with the Judge’s dessert.

Bad Tony catches wind of the note and chases Zandria.


With her life now in danger, she is on her way out of town. JB intervenes with his wheelchair to end Bad Tony’s hot pursuit. He lost his life in the process and Zandria thinks Bad Tony had died also. He shows up at the funeral where she finally gets the upper hand and ceases power and control.

Silver Silhouettes Movie Poster, Yendi Phillipps, Andrew Brodber, Glen "Titus" Campbell, Kadeem Wilson, JR Sterling
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